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Portobello road shawl

Some of my followers have asked me to do a non triangle shawl pattern. Well, here is my first one. This is already my favorite for the autumn.

Många har efterfrågat trevliga mönster på raka sjalar istället för de annars så populära trekantiga sjalarna. Jag hakade på idén och måste säga att denna redan är en höstfavorit.

The inspiration for this shawl came to me during my visit to London this summer. A walk along Portobello road with the beautiful coulorful houses side by side. So alike, but so different.

Inspirationen till denna sjal kom under min semestervistelse i London. En promenad längs Portobello road med de vackra olikfärgade husen sida vid sida, som olikfärgade block. Så lika, men ändå så olika.

In the first picture I used the supersoft bambino in 4 different colours. I changed colour in every fpdc-row. In the other pictures I used Scheepjes whirl, the delicious gradient yarn. I used one skein whirl and I have to get back to you about the amount of yarn used for the bambino shawl.

Sjalen på den första bilden är virkad i vikings supermjuka bambino, randat i 4 olika färger. Färgbytet har jag gjort på varje rel st-varv, den andra varianten är virkad i Scheepjes whirl, det underbara garnet med sina unika färgskiftningar. Jag har använt ett helt nystan whirl och virknål 3,5mm. Samma virknål till bambino, återkommer med exakt garnåtgång till den.

The size of the shawl is 29 cm wide and 171 cm long. If you wish to make it wider, the multiple for the pattern is 6. Just add extra chains: (6, 12, 18, 24 and so on…) 6 extra ch will make it approximately 2,5 cm wider. Just remember that you will need to buy more yarn.

Sjalen blir ca 28,5 cm bred och 171 cm lång i whirl, någon knapp cm bredare i bambino. Om du önskar att göra sjalen bredare, lägg till ett antal maskor delbart med 6 till grunduppläggningen (6, 12, 18, 24 och så vidare…). Kom ihåg bara att garnåtgången kommer att ändras.

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Mönstret finns här: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/portobello-road-shawl

Pattern in english (US-terminology): https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/portobello-road-shawl

If you want to buy my new updated pattern with step by step pictures to guide you through the crocheting of the shawl, you can get it in swedish or english in my ravelrystore here: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/portobello-road-shawl-2

Om du vill ha mitt nya uppdaterade mönster med steg för steg-bilder kan du hitta det i min Ravelrybutik här: :https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/portobello-road-shawl-2

Tagga gärna @diwybytitti när du lägger ut bilder på din sjal så jag kan se era konstverk! Lycka till!

I would appriciate if you tag @diwybytitti in social medias if using my patterns so I can see your wounderful work! Good luck!

38 kommentarer på “Portobello road shawl

  1. Hi,
    Lovely pattern and I have just the yarn to make it for a friend. I do want to make it wider though. Can you help me with the pattern repeat stitches. What is the calculation of starting stitches if I want to make it wider?
    Thank you


      1. Hello!
        If I wanted to make it more narrow how would I go about that? Will subtracting 6 do the same? Is there a multiple for this pattern? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to making this in the near future, it’s beautiful!


  2. När det står 1 lm, 1 cm osv från början av ett varv, räknas luftmaskan som den första fm eller vänder man bara med den??
    Tack för fint mönster!!


    1. Hi, no just from one end, the end which you are going to start with. The reason is that you will make the lace in the ends of the shawl afterwards. It looks better if the lace is in the same colour.


  3. Hi – can’t wait to begin making this shawl for my sister in law. I am using a whirl and had a question. How many repeats of the pattern did you do for your shawl and what rows are part of the repeat. Thanks so much for your time and assistance in answering my question and many thanks for such a beautiful pattern.


      1. Sorry I accidently published my answer before I was ready. All the information you are asking for is written in the pattern, a little bit down at the end, before the edging. If you read it you will se what rows to repeat and how many times. I hope you would like to show me some pictures when you are ready.


      2. My ridges from the fpdc end up being on the right side & then on the wrongside. Should the ridge be on both sides?


  4. I have a question about 23. If I am reading the pattern correctly, I am confused about the stitches. There are 69 stitches in the previous row. In row 23, there are 2 stitched in the beginning of the row and two at the end of the row. In between, there are multiple repeats of stitches taking up three stitches of the previous row (stitches in same stitch plus skipping 2). 69 minus 2 at front and minus two at end = 65. 65 is not divisible by 3 so do we just skip one stitch at the end or am I missing something? Thank you in advance.


    1. Hi, you start row 23 with a ch 1 (a turning stitch which does not count as a stitch) , 1 sc in the first stitch, after the first sc the pattern starts, which is divisible with 6, end with 2 stitches, there are 69 stitches minus 1 in the beginning and 2 in the end =66.


      1. I love your pattern and am attempting to make it with Scheepjes Green Tea Tipple Whirl. I am struggling with rows 23 to 30. For some reason, I cannot get the right count, which you say above should be 66. Row 23 worked out to 66 but 24 was a count in the 40s. It seems to me there should be a chain or two over the two skipped stitches to keep the count consistent but then it would look different. I hope you understand my query. I’m going to keep trying and watch for your reply. Thank you!


      2. Well, I’ve figured it out. My apologies! I completely missed that the instructions call for 2 dc in the repeat. I had only been doing 1. I will continue and will tag you when I post the finished shawl. Thank you!


  5. Hello, I’m trying to make your beautiful pattern. For Row 6 the first stitches are:
    Ch3, 1dc, ch 2* then the repeat starts. Where do I place the dc please? Cheers, Julie


  6. I am holding two skeins of Hobbii Twister in the cream to dark chocolate colorway. I have been trying to find the perfect pattern and I’m so excited to get started on this. Thank you so much for sharing your creative genius with us.


  7. This is beautiful and I’ll try making mine into an afghan throw for my granddaughter. My question is are you using U.S. English. Terminology or EU?


  8. Hej! Underbar sjal!
    Jag är nybörjare på att virka efter mönster, men än så länge funkar det så bra! Tack för att du delar med dig av mönstret!
    En fråga, om jag skulle vilja göra den i grövre garn och då måste halvera bredden, hur tänker jag då?

    Med vänliga hälsningar Rosie


  9. I have made your lovely scarf a while ago and given it away. Now doing it again and I have one query.
    Having done the first run to row 36, you say crochet the rows 5-36 6 times. Is that 6 more times = 7 or 6 in total, including the first run?
    Many thanks


  10. Lovely pattern and thank you so much for sharing. A lovely friend of mine passed away recently and she had started one of these for her daughter, so I have offered to try and finish this for her. My friend was a lovely crocheter – I just hope I do it justice!



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